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This latest iteration of the McLaren MP4-12C, which at launch set a new benchmark among its competitors for power, efficiency and pioneering technology, is available to order now. Customers who have already taken delivery of a 12C are not being neglected, though. Every 12C owner is being offered a package of upgrades, including the extra 25PS (25hp), at no cost, underlining McLaren’s commitment to its customers ensuring they enjoy owning their 12C as much as they do driving it.
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McLaren MP4-12C 2013 - Front Angle .........................................................
2013 McLaren MP4-12C - Engine .........................................................
2013 McLaren MP4-12C - Interior

The suite of upgrades to the McLaren MP4-12C specification from October 2012 includes enhancements to the 12C’s engine and transmission, in addition to other functional attributes. A focus on drivetrain development has given McLaren Automotive’s engineers the opportunity to increase the McLaren MP4-12C’s 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 output from 600PS (592hp) to 625PS (616hp). The redesigned engine mapping has not altered the remarkable efficiency of the M838T engine, with 12C CO2 emissions remaining at just 279 g/km, and fuel economy recorded on the EU combined cycle at 24.2 mpg (11.7 l/100km).

2013 McLaren MP4-12C - Front Angle Smoke

Modification of the 7-Speed SSG transmission to which the McLaren MP4-12C’s high-powered engine is mated has resulted in crisper throttle response and improved clutch control for gear changes that are both faster and smoother.

The McLaren MP4-12C features an innovative Intake Sound Generator (ISG). This system works by controlling engine intake noise within the cabin at differing levels, depending on the Powertrain mode selected for the car. Moving up through Normal, Sport and Track Powertrain modes enhances the aural drama and driving experience of the 12C, with engine noise in the cabin changing when throttle power is applied and revs increase. With the 2013 specification 12C, the driver will be able to select the level of engine noise delivered in each mode through an electronic menu accessible via the instrument cluster.

A stunning new high quality paint finish will be added to the options list for the new McLaren MP4-12C. Volcano Yellow joins the ‘Elite’ set of paint finishes available for the revised model, and promises to be as spectacular as the popular Volcano Orange and Volcano Red finishes selected by many MP4-12C customers since the car was launched in 2011.

2013 McLaren MP4-12C Technical Specification

  • Drivetrain layout: Longitudinal mid-engine, RWD
  • Engine configuration: V8 twin turbo
  • Engine material: Aluminium block and cylinder heads
  • Oiling: Dry sump
  • Compression ratio: 8.7:1
  • Valvetrain: 32-valve, DOHC, dual VVT
  • Redline: 8,500 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke: 93 x 69.9 mm
  • Engine displacement: 3799 cc
  • Power: 625 PS @ 7500 rpm
  • Torque: 600 Nm @ 3000-7000 rpm
  • PS per litre: 164
  • Transmission: 7 Speed SSG with Pre-Cog
  • Body structure: Carbon fibre MonoCell with aluminum front and rear frames
  • Wheelbase: 2670 mm
  • Track: F:1656 mm / R:1583 mm
  • Length: 4509 mm
  • Width: 1908 mm
  • Height: 1199 mm
  • DIN weight: 1434 kg / 3161 lbs
  • Dry weight: 1336 kg / 2945 lbs
  • Dry weight with lightweight options: 1301 kg / 2868 lbs
  • Weight distribution at DIN: F:42.5% / R:57.5%
  • Active aerodynamics: McLaren Airbrake
  • Suspension: ProActive Chassis Control
  • ProActive Chassis Control modes: Winter / Normal / Sport / Track
  • Powertrain modes: Winter / Normal / Sport / Track
  • Brakes: Cast iron discs with forged aluminum hubs (F:370mm / R:350 mm)
  • Wheel sizes (F / R): 19″ x 8.5″J / 20″ x 11″ J
  • Tyres (F / R): Pirelli PZero 235/35 R19 / 305/30 R20
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