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عکس ها و اطلاعات ماشین 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

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The latest Ford F-150 SVT Raptor features available industry-first, direct-from-the-factory forged-aluminum conventional wheels that can be upgraded after purchase to extra-capable beadlocks, plus other functional improvements. These include available high-intensity discharge HID headlamps that are brighter and whiter than standard lamps, significantly expanded connectivity features and Terrain, a new earth-toned exterior color.

ترجمه شده در ( ) : آخرین فورد F-150 SVT رپتور در دسترس صنعت اول، مستقیم از کارخانه جعلی چرخ آلومینیومی معمولی است که می تواند پس از خرید به خارج از توانایی beadlocks، به علاوه دیگر بهبود عملکرد ارتقا است. این خدمات عبارتند از موجود با شدت بالا تخلیه چراغ جلو چراغ HID که روشنتر و سفیدتر از لامپ های استاندارد، ویژگی های اتصال به طور قابل توجهی گسترش یافته و زمین، زمین باب روز رنگ خارجی است.

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عکس های ماشین 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

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Design enhancements for 2013 include all-new signature lighting with two LED bars that command attention in the front and rear. The rocker panels running along the car are now body-color, adding a more premium look. Additionally, the rear end has a new high-gloss black panel between the taillamps and a diffuser that surrounds a new quad-tip exhaust.
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عکس های ماشین 2013 ROUSH Mustangs

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The Stage 3 Mustang is the pinnacle of the ROUSH “Stage” Mustangs. Improving upon the styling of the Stage 1 and the handling of the Stage 2, our Stage 3 Mustang adds its own piece of the pie by supercharging the 5.0L-4v Coyote powertrain. It is the perfect infusion of styling, handling and power. The Stage 3 embodies everything a muscle car can and should be.
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عکس های ماشین 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

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For the 2013 model year, Ford Explorer Sport brings high-performance SUV power and projected fuel economy of up to 16 mpg in city driving and 22 mpg on the highway. The Ford Explorer Sport features a paddle-shifted six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ transmission with a unique 3.16 to 1 final drive ratio to provide the balance of responsive acceleration and economical low-rpm cruising for better fuel efficiency.
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