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عکس های ماشین 2012 Mini John Cooper Works GP

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Underpinning the performance characteristics of the MINI John Cooper Works GP is exclusive powertrain, chassis and aerodynamics technology inspired directly by motor sport. Its twin-scroll turbo engine generates outstanding torque, displays remarkable elasticity and demonstrates a healthy appetite for revs. Specially developed, adjustable race suspension channels this superlative output into spectacular yet precisely controllable handling.
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عکس های ماشین 2012 MINI Green Park

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The traditional British passion for sporting competition is expressed in the exclusive design of the MINI Green Park. The roof and exterior mirror caps display British Racing Green paintwork, forming a pleasing contrast with bodywork in Pepper White. Bonnet stripes in British Racing Green and transparent white lenses for the direction indicators heighten the distinctly classic-sporty look. On this design model, too, the lower C-pillars of the MINI Clubman are in body colour.
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